FMP Multi-Indicator Composer (Ver 1.6)

This indicator helps you to have a strong confirmation system when choosing the entry and exit position of the trade.

About FMP Multi-Indicator Composer


Surely you have used all the different indicators such as RSI, MACD, Stochastic, etc. Each of these indicators can issue a set of confirmation signals for you depending on the different circumstances. But the performance of each is different according to their mathematical formulas. Our attempt in designing this indicator was to create a mathematical model as much as possible to put together the performance of different indicators that are commonly used by different people to provide a collective analysis of the output of these indicators in the form of a diagram. This indicator shows you the results of 12 different indicators in the form of a chart. Therefore, the collective result of different indicators can be analyzed with more confidence. (The output of this indicator is shown in the red curve in the image below. The method of using this indicator is explained below.)

How to use it :

The operation of this indicator is very simple. This indicator has a value between -100 and 100.
If the value reaches above 80, the market will gradually become saturated and you should be ready to open a short position.
If the value falls below -80, you do the opposite, and given that the market has gradually reached the sell-off, you should be prepared to open the Long position.
But this indicator, unlike other indicators you have seen so far, has two other limits. These two areas act as a support-resistance area. Surely you have seen that in a positive trend or when the market is trying to grow, sudden falls occur. (And vice versa during the downtrend) This indicator largely provides you with the ability to predict these conditions.
The +30 and -30 regions in this indicator play this role. For example, when the value of the indicator reaches -80 to -30 in an uptrend, it is very likely that resistance will be created in this area and the market will fall again or the market will stagnate a bit. The opposite also happens in the downtrend market when the indicator value reaches +80 to +30. We recommend this indicator to you as a confirmation indicator; Because it can show you the market situation very well.
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