FMP Scalp Trading Indicator (Ver 2.1)

This indicator helps you to choose the best time and place to enter and exit the position.

About FMP scalp trading system


Although this indicator is used for both long-term and short-term situation analysis, we use it in scalp trading to eliminate the effects of contingencies.
This indicator consists of four main parts.
1- Movement process curves: These curves themselves consist of several parts:
  • A yellow curve as an indicator of the mid-market situation in which sales and purchasing power can be considered the same
  • Two thick curves above and below the yellow line as the ultimate goals of share growth in normal market conditions
  • Six curves between two thick lines as targets for some growth and decline in normal market conditions
  • Six curves outside the thick lines from the top and bottom as an indicator of the market gets out of normal and enters the emotional situation in which only the previous positions are kept open and we do not open any new positions until the situation returns to normal.
2- Entry signals of buy and sell positions: These signals are issued solely on the basis changes in the power of buyers and sellers. But the final entry strategy based on these signals is described below.
3- Buy and sell signal strength In each time frame, two green and red bars appear at the bottom of the chart. The green bar indicates the strength of the buy position and the red bar indicates the strength of the sell signal.
4- Repulsion price and attraction This price is determined based on the current market analysis and the market is practically willing to return to it. Of course, it should be noted that this price will be constantly changing according to the transactions.
BTC 2021-12-08


Based on the tests performed and the trades we perform regularly, we have defined several different strategies for this trading system. But the easiest way is this way. First, we check the status of the green and red bars in time frames of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and one day. The best mode of entry is when the color of the dominant bar is in one direction (buy or sell). But during scalp transactions, you can only settle for 1 and 5 minutes. After the bottom strips are colored, we check the slope of the curve for 1 minute. This slope should also be in the dominant color direction. That is, if the predominant color is red, the slope of the time frame is 1 minute down, and if the predominant color is green, the slope of the time frame is 1 minute up. After the circumstances in which these few things happened, we will wait for the directional signal to be issued in the time frame for 5 minutes. It is easy to determine the appropriate entry position with an 80% probability of occurrence.

Of course, other short-term and long-term strategies have been designed, which are not provided in more detail due to the details.
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